So you're having a party? Awesome. Need a little help? Sure thing! We've got lot's of options for ya. Weather you'd like us to cater your event start to finish or you'd just need a a little help getting things started we'd love to be a part of your next event.


Having a party? Awesome! Need some help? We'd love to. Whether you want us to cater the whole shbang, you'd just like to pick up a few pounds of cooked meats, or you're going whole hog, we've got what your looking for.

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There's few things more rewarding than cooking a whole animal in your own back yard. Hog roasting can be done in any season and is a relaxing way to entertain. We'll get you hooked up with instructions and everything you need to be he champ of the 'La Caja China'! 

Whole Hog Pricing:

UnBrined Missouri Pasture Raised Berkshire Hog (50-100lbs) $6.00lb

4 Day Brined Missouri Pasture Raised Berkshire Hog: $6.50lb

La Caja China Roasting Box Rental:

$ 50.00 With Pig Purchase

** $100.00 rental fee without pig purchase

Companion Bread: 

Pretzel Buns: $7.20 dozen

White or Wheat Rolls: $ 6.00 dozen

*Please Place Your Order At Least Two Weeks In Advance*