Butchers Box Meat Packs


You asked for it meat heads, so here you go! We get TONS of call ahead orders at the shop each week, from our fantastic meat loving friends who want to avoid waiting in line and who want to make sure they've got their Sunday Morning breakfast sausages reserved! So we've put together two 'Meat Packs' for ya'll to choose from.

Our 'Weekend Warrior' pack is perfect for those who love to cook a nice weekend breakfast AND have something easy to throw on the grill at night. You'll get OVER 3 POUNDS OF MEAT plus eggs!

Our 'Meat For The Week' pack is not for the faint of heart. OVER 7 POUNDS OF MEAT plus fresh pasta & sauce, eggs, stock AND a provision!



'Weekend Warriors' will receive:

1 lb Breakfast Meat 

1/2 dozen Pasture Raised Eggs

1 lb Fresh Sausage 

2 Fresh Cuts

Heres an example of a typical 'WEEKEND WARRIOR' pack: 

1 lb breakfast sausage/ 1/2 dozen Vesterbrook Farm eggs/ 1 lb Bratwurst/ 1 lb Sirloin Steaks



Meat for the week is a great choice for a family that does most of their weekly cooking at home, you'll get over 7 lbs of meat PLUS eggs, stock and a provisions! YOUZERS!! 

'MEAT FOR THE WEEK' packages will always receive:

1 lb Breakfast Meat

1 lb Fresh Sausage

1 lb Deli Meat

1 lb Snack Meat

1 Lb Ground Beef

1 lb Meatballs

1 Lb Pastaria fresh Pasta AND 1 pint Pomodoro Sauce

1 lb Fresh Cuts

1/2 dozen Pasture Raised Eggs

1 Qt Stock

1 Provision

Here's an example of what a 'Meat For The Week' pack would contain

1 lb Bacon/ 1 Lb Lamb Merguez/ 1 lb Roast Beef/ 1 lb Andouille/ 1 lb Ground Beef/ 1 lb Meatballs/ 1 lb fresh Pastiria Pasta & Sauce/ 1 lb Pork Tenderloin/ 1/2 dozen Vesterbrook Farm Eggs/ 1 Quart Beef Stock/ 1 Pint House Fermented Sauerkraut

*ALL packs are 'butchers choice'  
Call the shop for more information**